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    Wow, I think this is a interesting thread.

    Name: Team Kumite

    Motives/Intentions: Create a tournament where only the best can fight, with a special rule. The winner takes all the pokemons of looser.

    Location of actions: I hide islands where take place the Tournament.

    Threat level: High for the most adventures trainers.

    Team Capacity:
    1. A council of 3 members, one of the president
    3. Participants (The invitation must be sent just a champions of differents leagues or important tournaments)
    4. Champion (The one that beat all the other participants)
    2. Support personal.

    Pokemon usage: No applies here.

    Idea origin: People and pokemon only can take the best of them when they fight for the most important things in their lives. Because of that this tournament have a special clause. The winner of the battle take the poke of their adversary, so just the most defiant trainers take this challenge, and know they must fight with all his might or will loose their pokemon partners.

    Bringing champions of all regions of the world. The tournament generate a lot of money by the bets, and take place every 3 years. The one that beat all the participants becomes in the Champion, and when the next champion appear, they must fight for the greatness.

    Inspiration based on: The movies from 80's about kumites fight, where fighters of all the world go to an island to fight each other to see which of them its the best of the best.