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Definitely not in the slightest. You can beat him with low lv.70s using a lot of items, but in a game with so many re-matches its not that hard to actually get to his level (I know I did, although I challenged him in the high 70s to make it more challenging seeing as I had a counter for each member of his team). And to be honest I'd find it shocking if he wasn't much stronger than Lance. Especially when you consider Blue is stronger than Lance (in-game, as well as in FrLg), and Red defeated him. Plus, 3 years training in that place? I wouldn't have been surprised if his Pikachu had developed Snow Coat or something as well :P His levels certainly make more sense than Barry's in Platinum.

So in conclusion: Appropriately super-strong, a better end-game battle there may never be in pokémon.
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