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Saw it on Sunday. I thought it was great.

I loved all the nods to previous Trek movies and shows. I especially loved when Kirk told Chekov to put on a red **** and seeing his crestfallen face, like he knew what that meant. It was also great to see characters besides Kirk and Spock get some more screen name and a chance to develop their characters a bit, although getting more Spock was also great. I wasn't expecting they would use Kirk's infamous line, especially once they'd switched their roles from how things went in Wrath of Khan.

And speaking of Khan, the whole "Why did the make Khan a white guy and not Indian" thing people are talking about is kind of interesting. In that the original Khan was a white guy (Mexican, yes, but still white and still as far away from Indian as a Caucasian Brit), but there is probably a lot that can be discussed over about how the movies handle their portrayal of race.
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