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Sorry in advance if I don't offer much on this topic, but anyways. Here is how I see it, yes there are a few people who change alts quite frequently, including myself, and sometimes even I feel like it is a bit much and confusing. However eliminating alt changes all together is a bit too much and something that I feel 100% of our staff would be against. Having a new alt every once in a while is fun and a privilege that every user should have. Even if Wolf was able to code in a limit, that would still not be fair for users who want to decide on a permanent name to use, which requires many name changes to achieve a good name.

While personally I think that things are fine as they are, I don't mind at all if there was a limit to alts. Us staff members have a 3 alt limit, however that is just a limit on alts with auth., not a limit on alts we can register. So what I would think a good solution would be is to completely start over the server alt thread, and let all regular members pick 4 or 5 alts to post and they must use those alts, until a specified time limit is up(for this I will just suggest a month or so) and then at the end of the month they may chose to change them if they please.

As for enforcing this rule..well that is the tricky part. As Wolf mentioned /namelock is no longer a working command in the server, so that is not an option. Really all that can be done is have some sort of limit and hope that the users respect it. I don't think there would be an appropriate disciplinary action to take for users that choose not to follow, because muting or banning someone for changing their name is WAY too harsh and that is something that I would never want to do to someone.

* also the server has updated and now voiced users have alt check!

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