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    Pokemon - The league stands strong - OOC

    IC Thread - click here

    Plot - This is a futurisitic roleplay set in the year 3013. In the year 2993, 20 years ago, pokémon battles became illegal, due to protests to protect pokémon from harm. Behind the law change was a group of people known as 'the proven' who manipulated people into believing that pokémon battles were bad, and later manipulated the government to take action. 'The proven' are based in Jhoto, but the law became international all across the world after many people were brainwashed into believing this. However, all is not lost, for the Jhoto league stood strong, and many pokémon trainers gathered their to protest from all across the world. Eventually, the demand for pokémon battles was so high, the Kanto region gave up ownership of the region and handed it to Cynthia, champion of Sinnoh, who declared that the region be their for all pokémon trainers strong enough. It was an ideal place for everyone, but due to the little amount of space, getting in isn't easy. The Jhoto league is the only way to gain entry, but just getting into the Jhoto league is hard enough.

    Entry - You are walking in the allyway between 2 houses, and in the darkness a man in a brown trench coat, sunglasses, a bowler cap, and a scarf covering his mouth asks you, "Do you wish to join the league. All the information is on the page." He hands you a small note, and with that, he wanders off behind the houses, and is never seen again.

    The note - The Jhoto league is for those who enjoy pokémon battling. The proven have messed with us too long. We will take action. Each trainer is given a battle token, which is enclosed within the envelope. You must challenge other trainers to a three on three battle, and the loser, must give the winner their tokens. The 8 winners will end up with 3 tokens each, as their are only 24 people alloud into the league. The system used is smarter than it may seem, cheating is no option. - Be careful of police fellow members, and remember, only one can win, and with that win, they can take themselves and their family to Kanto, where customs are the same.

    Why Kanto? - Truth to be told, Kanto is more scientifically developed than Jhoto. Pokemon in Jhoto are no longer alloud to use their moves, and therefore this caused a disturbance in people's chain of work, causing technology to drop by a level, and recourses became harder to collect. Pokemon are kept as pets here, so it's strange to have a pokemon such as geodude, and you can sometimes be arrested if seen with vicious pokemon, or large ones. Kanto's line of work is based around pokemon, and makes getting a job there much easier, plus large pokemon can get their food, without being stared at, or caught by the police.

    Pokemon alloud out in public - small pokémon that resemble those of pets, e.g poocheyena, skitty, etc. Human like pokémon are alloud out in public too, e.g jynx meditite, medicham, machop, etc. Other pokémon that resemble other animals, e.g arbok, are found in natural envirements, e.g Arbok or ekans may be found in the desert, and an ariados or spinarak may be found in a forest. (In other words, the rule is that pokémon resemble animals, and are treated as if animals.)

    You - You are a teenage boy/girl hoping to move your family or/and yourself to Kanto, in hope of achieving this, you were recently given the note, and a token. Soon after you find yourself in amongst Goldenrod city, struggling to smuggle your pokémon and family around the city. In this roleplay, the neccesary things you will need is shelter, money, and your pokémon. Now go, your adventure awaits!

    Boundaries - You can go pretty much anywhere within reason, but it would be best to stay in the vecinity of Goldenrod, as that is where most of the action happens.

    Points of interest -
    The Ruins Of Alph - jno surveillance goes on here, so having a battle is easy here.
    Department store - Good shopping experience, indeed, but many people are living in the basement of this building in order to protect their pokémon.
    Violet City Flying Gym - After the gym was shut down, it became a suitable place for trainers to battle against opponets in secret. It's also a good spot for training bird pokémon (obvs)
    Daycare Centre - The daycare centre for pokémon was soon turned into a daycare for children, and jobs are easy to get if the elder's psychic powers judges you well.
    Olivine city - here, you can get a boat to a resort island, free from monitisation, and many people wish it to stay that way. Many of the locals on this island may get angry if pokémon battles take place here incase they become monitised, and so 'The Proven' take advantage of this, and is their main source of income. (Btw the island is named Viso Island, and is close to the old Hoenn league, which is now a fitness gym.)

    Rules - No bunnying without permission
    No spamming.
    Be active as much as possible.
    During battles, work together to come up with a decent battle plan, and don't just rush in and say they are dead. I will decide who wins the battle by who has done the best post, and has used the best tactics.
    No godmodding.
    Have fun is always a nice rule, but you aren't here to have fun... Just Kidding!!

    Sign up form - Finnally!!
    Name -
    Age - (13 - 16)
    Personality - (min 5 lines)
    History - (10 lines min, want really interesting charectors)
    Description (or a picture, 5 lines minimal) -


    Pkmn 1 species -
    Pkmn 1 nickname -
    Pkmn 1 moveset - (4)

    Pkmn 2 species -
    Pkmn 2 nickname -
    Pkmn 2 moveset - (4)

    Pkmn 3 species -
    Pkmn 3 nickname -
    Pkmn 3 moveset - (4)

    Pkmn 4 species -
    Pkmn 4 nickname -
    Pkmn 4 moveset - (4)

    Peeps playing ATM-
    Crimson0191 - Yuki
    Koopafan29 - Michael
    GenethepowerfulXD - Gene [absent]
    IceFyr1928 - Derek - [died and turns out her name now is deathofshadows]
    ElBurrito - Justin
    Sheraku - Tabris + Tsuya