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Originally Posted by SoulSilver10112 View Post
I hope you do not mind, but I would like to switch games from Diamond to Soulsilver. (Much easier to reset, no text for picking a starter, and I can see if any of the starters are shiny without waiting.) Also, a question: Can you trade in two Pokemon and breed them in the game via Masuda methood to recieve a shiny?
Ok I read that wrongly haha, yes you are allowed to do so soulsilver. Look at it this way, sure the chance is 1/2046 in gen IV. But the breeding process just takes so much longer that it is at least worth the amount of time/trouble you get yourself into to get a shiny. (Oh and you never replied on my VM though haha :D)

PS: 7700 RE for nidoran and nothing pff, sad days xD.

Welcome Kirozane, hope you will enjoy the challenge as much as we do :D!