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    Blaez Lee - Hideout

    "The only person I would kill is someone who drags down humanity maliciously."

    Blaez backed away nervously from the girl as she sniffed him. Was this her way of an icebreaker because it was really awkward although it was understandable since she was part canine and sensitive to smell. She went over every inch of his body as if she was checking him for something hidden on him. Blaez attempted not to make any faces at her for doing something so strange and paused to allow her to finish sniffing. As she followed up, she stated she was broke.

    "I don't have any food on me if that's what you are looking for." Blaez said as he gave her a nervous look before grabbing some flint and his gun to start a fire, striking up two sparks before successfully starting a small fire.

    "My name is April, what is yours?" the girl said, seeming to be more curious about Blaez. Her previous rudeness had been replaced with slight interest.

    "Blaez." he said as he stared into the fire, getting lost within the sight of the flame. " do scavenge, right?"

    He was hungry right now and there was no doubt that he should get himself something to eat along with the girl, who seemed to be incapable of getting some food without stealing it.

    "I'm going to have to go get some food soon. If you plan on staying here tonight you have a choice of coming with me or doing whatever until I get back tonight." Blaez said in an attempt to seem uninterested in the girl as the flames began to rise even higher. "Either way it goes, the fire should be fine as long as firewood is added to it periodically." he said more to himself. "If you stay behind to sleep, feel free to take my tent temporarily just as long as you don't go through my stuff. "

    Blaez was sure she would do so anyway and he didn't want her to get a hold of his Lunar Tome because she would probably humor him. Either way he wanted to get some food before it got too late.