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    Hey everyone! I have tried to find time out of school to catch up a bit!

    Many members have worked hard to help this project grow! Firstly, thank you! Secondly, we are almost ready to begin production! I have complied a few more pages on the website, including moves [link], abilities [link], and items [link]! The composers have provided me with some beautiful examples of songs [link] that will be awesome to add to the game (and match perfectly!). Artists have also supplied us with some cool badge looking concepts [link]!

    I am now in the process of transferring colleges and moving, so having time for Ambient is becoming harder and harder. BUT, I will still strive to work on information for locations, places, and etc. While packing up my room, I found yet another notepad of information, a bunch of scrapped ideas and pictures of Pokémon ideas, and lastly a journal that holds a lot of Team Static & the Dynamic Squad's storyline. I will update the Google Site with this information on my free time so make sure to check back to different pages to see how they are advancing. Also I will add the HTML/CSS designs to make everything more attractive!

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