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    Rosalyn Smith

    "Rosie! Stay here! Pid is with you! I'll come back later! I promise!" Dex shouted to her as Pid flew over to her and she took a deep breath sliding back down to sitting on the ground to keep pressure off her ankle. "Be safe!" she watched as he and Pan continued to run the Golett following him and leaving her alone. Belle, Jazz and Swampy caught up to her and Jazz jumped into her arms right away.

    "Ugh, Careful there Jazz. Your getting a bit big for that" Rosie smiled though as she set the Wartortle down and he looked at her worriedly. "I'll be okay. Just hurt my ankle" she gently patted Belle and Swampy both of whom nuzzled against her hand before she turned her attention to Pid.

    "Dex'll be just fine, and he'll be back soon and we'll get out of this place" she reassured all the Pokemon and herself as well because she still felt like something was watching her.

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