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Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
I really can't wrap my head around Yahoo! buying tumblr. I don't know if there was any news leading up to the buy out, but it just seems like a spur of the moment type thing. I don't know. This could turn out to be the best thing that has ever happened to tumblr or the worst thing possible. I just hope Yahoo! keeps to their promise and doesn't drastically try to change anything. Similar to Instagram after Facebook bought it, I hope they keep it running independently.
This is all very sudden, yeah. The world got maybe two days notice? Three? There's been many boardroom meetings about this that no one has heard of, lol.

As far as I know, Yahoo is going to let Tumblr run independently and whatever, though I'm not sure what their definition of independent is. It certainly seems like Marissa Mayer & co are going to let David Karp and his inefficient team do their thing, remaining only the 'landlords', but for all I know Yahoo! could change whatever they want. I just hope they do what is urgently needed - fixing the goddamn video player. That's the one thing I would not mind Yahoo changing at all.
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