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    So awesome her picture breaks the width.

    ∣ Zen
    Signing Up

    Chapter Zero: Part Zero
    A Wild(?) Gardevoir Appears!

    Name: Zen

    Age: Unknown

    Sex: Female

    Job: General Interaction (She'll find a place later on... Hopefully.)

    Appearance: She looks like most other Gardevoir, though her demeanor and expression are often less than enthused. She has a warrior's eyes, with a temper to match.

    Personality: Zen can be kind to everyone, just the sweetest, most helpful character in the world... But no one ever convinces her to act this way. She's generally interested at best, as her personal opinion of Humans is petty. Some have been kind enough to her, however, that she will treat them respectably. However, most others only spark the short fuse of her temper. She's known to become destructive with her powers when angered, though she knows just enough to hold back from hurting Humans severely. No one seems to understand why she acts so rash and distanced, because every time they ask she flips a table (or whatever is immediately in front of her) and storms out.

    History: No one seems to know anything about this Gardevoir, or how she got here. She came from Oak Town and just... Made herself known at the Academy one day. She seemingly roams the halls on a regular basis now, interacting with others' Pokemon more than the trainers or staff. Multiple students have tried to capture her just within her first day there, and all have suffered some kind of consequence for it. Some of the staff have questioned her choice in hovering about the halls, but were verbally pushed away by her attitude. To avoid some sort of conflict, she's been allowed to roam as she pleases, though if they knew some of the things she had done, she might not be there for too long. She doesn't seem quite so agitated until someone (Human) tries to speak to her. The few who have tried to capture her have suffered psychic punches in the gut, psychic kicks where the sun doesn't shine, and psychic-powered wedgies, among other things. She has treated every Human at the Academy so far with malice and disgust, except for one rare exception: the Nurse of the Academy's Pokemon Center. The Nurse simply doesn't ask her about her past and was generally very kind, unlike most of the students at the school she had encountered. Zen looks to be hunting for something or someone, with no luck at all. Despite this, she keeps searching, seemingly insistent that whatever it is she's looking for is at the Academy somewhere. She takes her rest in the back room of the Pokemon Center every night, where she won't be disturbed by any Human but the Nurse. She seems to have formed an acquaintanceship (or rather, a friendship she is not willing to admit to) with the nurse, as one of the only people she has ever met and truly enjoyed being around. When she doesn't want to search the Academy, she'll lounge around the Pokemon Center, or explore the island on her own. This happens frequently as well, and is happening more and more often with each day of no findings in the Academy.