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might as well give this a try:

Name: Team Purify

Motives: Team purify is based on the belief that Pokemon training is childish and anything childish is a weakness and must be destroyed, in order to create a stronger world. They possess a machine that could completely erase something's history and make the world as if it never existed by dissolving it in a space-time whirlpool. However, they need a legendary Pokemon connected to history to power it. In the meantime, they just lock them in a bunker, meaning that Trainers still remember their lost friends. (Youngster Joey: They can't take my Rattata... it's not like other Rattata...)

Appearance: Suits, Ties, uncomfortable shoes, thin glasses

Threat Level: medium during the game. if they were to capture the legendary, their threat level would rise to EXTREME.

Motto: "Grow up!"

Pokemon Usage: Only pokemon that are humanoid, have serious expressions, or are sad (Yamask, Azurill)

Inspiration: Pokemon haters who think it is childish, except if they lived in the Pokemon world and had power. The 'eliminate childishness because childishness=weakness, weakness must be eliminated' bit was sort of based on ther Cybermen from Doctor Who. (The space-time whirlpool was also based on Doctor Who.)