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    It all happened so fast. Bursts of light beamed every which way, the ground fissured and swallowed abandoned buildings whole, and the crystal dust that once rested on the earth now danced in the atmosphere, halting and impairing everyones vision. Ezra laid on the ground, unaware of what had just happened. When he awoke, the dust had settled and the tremors died down. Groggy and in pain, the brunette put his back to a building and rested against the rusty wall.

    Is that… blood?

    Running his fingers through his hair, Ezra realized a section of his locks were soaked in blood. Patting up and down his body, the teen searched for some sort of first aid kit, but it was to no avail. His breathing became shallow and his vision was tunneling. If it hadn’t been for a deafening roar, Ezras life may have ended then and there.

    The boy gasped and his eyes widened at the sound. “I knew coming here was a bad idea,” he muttered to himself. His curiosity had gotten him into trouble too many times to count, but never has his life been so endangered by his foolishness before. Hesitant, Ezra wondered whether he should stay hidden, flee back to New Bohdum, or search the ruins for some sort of clue as to what had just happened. While the roar was frightening, Ezra picked himself up and headed deeper into Oerba. Nothing could quench his thirst for the unknown.

    What he saw next absolutely shocked him. The two men hed seen earlier were in a much better condition than he was in. They were so well, they decided to challenge a behemoth right in the middle of the ruins! Taking in the scene, Ezra noticed one of the men was emitting a yellow aura from his body and a girl in purple attire laid off to the side of the battle. Is that magic? The boy pondered. Smelling the scent of fresh blood, the beast snarled and took aim, heading straight for Ezra.
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