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Originally Posted by Insomniac View Post
Most of my friends are straight, but there are like 3 bisexual ones and then I'm the only fully gay one in the group. :( I'm surrounded by half pints and nonfats (I'm whole milk)
I absolutely love that I can now no longer see people buying milk without giggling at them, thanks.
Also, fullfat is the best milk. blue/red caps can go stuff itself.

Originally Posted by voltianqueen View Post
I like to joke that "everyone I touch ends up gay." It seems to be...pretty accurate... o_o

No really though, my friends and even siblings are pretty varied when it comes to sexualities. I do have one friend in particular that I'm afraid to tell about the girl I'm talking to, though :V
Weirdly enough, In my social group in highschool I was the first to come out as lesbian [or so i thought back then] then like 2 of my closest guy friends both cam out within a year. That and I was the first gay experience for 2 of my closest female friends. I swear they're just like "I wonder what being a lesbians like... hey Kitty's gay... 'Oi, Kitty come here a second..."

Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Since we are talking about gay/straight/bi people we know, what about relatives?

My older brother is gay. I think we both got a gay gene from my dad because we have different moms but the same father.
I have no siblings, but my girlfriend has 3 brothers. One brother is asexual, and one is gay. My GF is bi so that means only one of their children is straight. The entire family is lovely though, and I get on really well with all of them which is wonderful.