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    Ah… so you wish to hear a tale? I thought so, you headed right to me the moment you stepped inside. Well, how about I tell you a tale? It's known well back home, but in these parts it is not so well known. Hm… ah! I know where to start it off! This is the tale of four adventurers brought together by fate. They were strangers to each other initially, but this is their tale. It has its heights, and its depths, but it is an intriguing tale none the less. What? Will you be disappointed? Why, I hope not! I wouldn't be a very good bard if this tale was boring! Now then, the story begins in the small village of Desus. Here is a map. Ah, yes, it is not on there. Well… that is because the village itself is so tiny that the village is not included on any maps! But the village is located near the town of Rulam. It is a mining village and at the time they were suffering from goblin troubles, and so they put out a call for adventurers to aid them…


    The rain was pouring long and hard. Lightning streaked across the sky here and there, and every so often there would be a loud boom that echoed around the village. The village itself wasn't that big. The only folks that lived in it were those that had lived there for generations upon generations. The few buildings that comprised the village looked old and worn down, in fact they were so worn down that water leaked through the roofs due to the deluge outside. The local inn wasn't anything spectacular. It was a wooden building that only consisted of one floor and thus only contained eight rooms, with two of them out of commission due to fungus problems. The other rooms contained the extremely bare necessities which included beds that were very stiff and could cause back pains, desks that were rotten and so much as touching it would very well cause one of the legs to snap, and a window that was caked heavily with dirt on both sides preventing the occupant even seeing light from outside. The wooden plans were worn and some were even broken here or there allowing various insects inside the rooms if the metal buckets that the innkeeper graciously offered to guests weren't' kept on top of the holes. Oh, and the rooms themselves were rather small, barley allowing any room between the bed and desk for the occupant to maneuver around.

    Outside of the rooms was a single hallway barely wide enough to allow two individuals to walk down side by side. Once one was able to escape the hallway there was a rather large area out front where the Avian innkeeper would stand behind a desk, looking incredibly bored out of his mind. He wore his uniform which consisted of a dirty blue shirt with wing holes crudely cut from the back of it. He completed the look with a pair of mud stained black slacks and a rather worn down brown leather belt that looked as if it would snap at any given moment, and considering his belly size it was a wonder it had managed to survive for so long. On his shirt was a pined silver tag that declared his name to be Winso, for the moment the innkeeper was just flipping through his book lazily as he leaned back in his chair.

    One of the other highlights of the town included the general store. If one was to step inside they would see a young Musus dressed in a short sleeved tan shirt with a pair of blue shorts on. He also wore a pair of worn down sandals and had next to him a towel that he used to clean up the counter he stood behind. On the wall behind him were a variety of items… though the quality of said items was rather… drab to say the least. Such items included frayed rope, candles that were world down to a stub, papers that looked very moldy, and who could forget weapons!? Yes, wooden clubs that looked as if they had seen the last of their glory days, swords that were very blunt and knives that were rusted over. The Musus himself looked very cheerful as he kept himself busy looking over his supplies or wiping down the counter to please a customer who was surely going to step through the door at any minute.

    The other places of less interest included houses that had looked as if they had lasted for a good hundred years, but who was there to look at houses!? The last place of interest was the tavern, and suffice to say, the tavern owners seemed to be doing as hard as they could to make the place look better than the other buildings. For one thing, the roof wasn't leaking. The wooden walls and floors weren't broken in places and there was a lack of insects on the floor and in the air. In fact, the place was so nice that a majority of the town was settled inside. There were multiple tables settled in just the right spots so that they didn't clump together. At one of the tables near the wall sat a Umbran lightly drinking his ale. He was dressed in traveler's clothes consisting of a long sleeved black shirt with a pair of red pants along with brown boots.

    At another table near the middle of the tavern were seated two male Musi and a female Musus. One of the males looked rather old and was dressed in a waiter's uniform which mainly consisted of a white long sleeved shirt with a pair of black slacks and black shoes. The other male Musus looked rather young, he was dressed in a pair of brown robes with a hood attached that covered him from head to toe. The female was dressed more freely with a short sleeved green shirt and a pair of brown shorts. It seemed the robed Musus was busy chatting with the one dressed as a waiter while the female Musus just listened to the two talk.

    Yet at another table sat a well equipped male Avian who looked very much like some sort of mercenary. He wore a set of chain mail armor and even had a helmet set next to him on the table. Buckled to his belt was a sheath that protected his sword. Also at the table sat a young Avian who looked to be in his teen years. He too wore chain mail and also had a sword resting on his waist. Next to him on the ground was a large green pack.

    Walking around the tavern was a Lizan waiter. The Lizan was busy taking orders on his small pad and rushing back and forth from the kitchen situated near the rear of the tavern. Though what seemed peculiar was that a elder looking female Musus who glanced around the tavern every so often. She was dressed in a light brown robe and constantly drank her glass of water. Every time someone stepped inside the tavern she made sure to glance them over before returning to drink her water. There was a sign attached to a pole situated at the table she was seated at.

    For any adventurers who are here regarding our goblin problems, please meet here!

    For now she just drank her water, waiting for those who had taken up the bill she had posted up to arrive and meet with her.
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