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    Originally Posted by KagamiChan View Post
    I realize I've fallen behind with updating the lists & all, but I'm having finals next week so I've been busy studying & whatnot >u<
    I'll update when I get enough free time to do it
    and yeah, all of your previous runs will be on the list too.
    Oh I see :o
    Good luck with your Exams!
    Just look in my sig to see what I did so far, it's there so
    I'm not counting the Emerald run I did before just yet...
    Since the save file was corrupted I couldn't finish it properly...
    Though the description said it's finished once I beat Wallace...
    But what about Steven then? I never beat him...
    Of course I did beat Wallace, so if it counts, it was the Ice Age run


    Small Update

    part 2

    Beat Brawly and got the Knuckle Badge!
    Time to head to Slateport!
    Sold all the X-Attack Zooky had picked up,
    and bought 2 Iron for Bram!
    Beat Brendan and Wally,
    and Buzz evolved!

    Stone Badge - Knuckle Badge

    Marshtomp lvl 23, Modest / Torrent
    Linoon lvl 25, Rash / Pick-Up
    Breloom lvl 23, Naive / Effect Spore
    Originally Posted by Hinokage
    Dude, no. I'm over 1000 eggs in and I'm not giving up. We're...not giving up. We're way too deep in at this point and we deserve our shiny. This has been a message from your local Masuda Method Breeding support group.
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