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Ok watched The Suitor tonight. Here's my thoughts.

Ok it turns Braco isn't evil, just a nuisance to PB. But Peppermint Butler was rather evil in this episode using his Dark Magic on Cinnamon Bun.

So Peppermint Butler is up in his dungeon being evil and doing Dark Magic to take control of Cinnamon Bun. One of the Gumball Guardians calls him cause he has yet to pick a suitor for Princess Bubblegum. Some of them been waiting for hundreds of years but he ends up finding Braco who believes it's his life duty to court PB. He actually ends up being an annoyance instead. I like how PB just ends up using him for his experiments. In the end Braco doesn't give up, and goes to PButler to use his magic on him to make him a love magnets and it leads to PB making a "Bubblegum Bot" to make Braco happy. To me the way she dealt with him was well executed. Trying to lead him off without completely letting him down. (Though why she didn't do that with Finn when he liked he is beyond me but I guess she really didn't know he liked her until he was getting into Flame Princess.) Anyway, the episode was pretty enjoyable and well explained out.

Anybody else have thoughts? It' be cool if more people here would share thoughts on episodes! Discuss please!
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