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I'm gonna update again.

Ultimate Monotype Challenge - Normal

Pokemon LeafGreen Update
  • evolved Spare and Treble into Fearow and Clefable, respectively
  • helped Bill and got the ticket
  • cleared the SS Anne and got HM Cut (my rival is no challenge)
  • proceeded to the gym(took me less than a minute solving the puzzle, yay!) and finished off Lt. Surge with water pulse
  • bought the Magikarp from the man at the PokeCenter near Mt Moon, and caught a geodude, so that I can get the HM Flash (gotta release them imediately though)
  • got an Old Amber
  • forced to teach Flash to Treble since I cant find another Pokemon that can learn it (awww... i really hate that move)
  • got through rock tunnel and arrived at lavender town
  • changed the nickname of my Fearow into Fare
  • defeated Pink at the Pokemon Tower (no challenge.., really)

My Pokemon

My Main Team

Rater the Raticate || Lv31
Relaxed || Run Away
Focus Energy
Hyper Fang

Treble the Clefable || Lv34
Sassy || Cute Charm
Mega Kick
Water Pulse

Fare the Fearow || Lv32
Timid || Keen Eye
Aerial Ace
Mirror Move
Fury Attack

HM Slaves

Shiny Zubat - Actually, he's not considered as an HM slave since he cannot learn any HM move. I just really want to keep him, can I?

Squirtle - He has no HM moves yet actually...but sooner or later, he will have (just you wait)