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    Originally Posted by Zivlok View Post
    So, second real post here, and I apologize effusively if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but as far as I'm aware this is a good place to post this question:

    So, my friends and I are embarking upon starting our own Pokemon Hack, and we want to do it for the GBA/3rd Gen. I was originally thinking just hacking Emerald, but I noticed that in a lot of tutorials people are using FireRed.

    Is there a reason for this? Are there pros and cons for using FireRed or LeafGreen over Ruby/Sapphire? Is Emerald any harder for some reason, like the Battle Frontier?

    So, if anyone could give some quick information over the differences between hacking the different GBA games, or if there's none at all, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
    This is the place to post questions:

    Anyways, the topic you are bringing up is one that comes up often. We actually had a whole thread around here dedicated to it not too often ago, but I can't find it right now....

    Either way, in the beginning, no on hacked FR. Almost all of the early hacks were on Ruby. However, it was eventually found that people liked FR more for a couple of reasons:

    -The base graphics were better in many opinions.
    -Some things are coded to be way simpler.
    -ASM hackers found that the introduction of DMA made finding things easier.

    Now, Emerald shares a lot of the coding traits of FR, but most people don't hack it simply because of the lack of resources. There are very few tutorials that include Emerald offsets, so it is difficult for people to find what they want. However, that does not mean that it hasn't been hacked. Flora Sky is an Emerald hack that came out pretty good. It really all sits on the amount of extra work you want to do.

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