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I saw that another had awoken, though wounded. The behemoth charged at him, giving me the chance to either run or help. I laughed at the notion of running and ran after the behemoth, jumping on its back when I got close enough. "I'm not done with you, you overgrown dog!" Jumping on a behemoths back was generally considered reckless, and although it would make it easier to attack, there was always a chance it would stand up, likely knocking you to the ground. Still I had little choice, "If anyone is going to die to behemoth on my birthday, it's going to be me." I yelled, emptying my entire gunblade clip into its armored head. I had no intention of dying, although honorable, it would mean nothing if he went and killed the other people.

The bullets cracked the tough skin, and a couple strikes from the sword made the wound. Nonetheless he stood up, knocking me over and prepared to strike me down with his kaiser blade. I was glowing yellow and blocking, though I didn't think I could block this one.
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