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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Since we are talking about gay/straight/bi people we know, what about relatives?

My older brother is gay. I think we both got a gay gene from my dad because we have different moms but the same father.
One of those two friends I mentioned is actually my cousin. Or, well... my cousin's daughter. I have one other lesbian cousin, and one uncle who might be gay, or ace (he's in his 60's, never married, never had a girlfriend or showed any interest in women, but did live with another man for several years). I don't want to make any assumptions, but my mom is pretty sure he's gay.

It seems like a lot, especially considering these are all on my mom's side of the family, but isn't actually that surprising when you find out my mom came from a farming family with 11 brothers and sisters, and there are now over 100 people in the family, haha. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple more non-straight relatives popped up on her side.