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    Aurora groaned slightly as she woke up. She felt a dim pain in her lower right side, and her head was swimming with quick blurry images. The sun going out, the insignia of The Shadow, a battle in a burning city, and then the light coming back. It was all blurry but she could remember it. Sitting up she noticed the men fighting a King Behemoth and gathered one of the men had moved her out of harms way. "as if" she scoffed standing up wincing again at the pain in her side she looked down and froze in shock. l'Cie...that's why...the blurry images, my focus she thought looking at the three men to see one had jumped on the King Behemoth's back before he was knocked off glowing yellow.

    "alright, have to help the civilians, that's my job. I'll question them later" she smirked and drew her katana holding it firmly in her right hand and ran forward feeling as though she was stronger. She slashed at the King Behemoth twice before back flipping backwards before it could strike at her. Glancing at her left hand she saw it glowing red, and small flames forming above her palm. Magic she smirked more and thrust her left hand forward a medium sized fire ball slamming into the King Behemoth making it turn it's attention to her and charging. bring it on she smirked more and if any of the men looked at her, they'd see her l'Cie brand.

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