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Conor || Route to Oak Town

Conor exhaled and slumped down in the chair. Unsure what to do, he checked his map, and pointed to the town “Look Poli, there’s a town not too far from here ‘Oak Town’ is its name, why don’t we check it out? Maybe someone will be here when we return and … to tell the truth I’m getting pretty hungry”. Poliwag looked up at Conor and smiled, and immediately jumped down of the chair and ran to the door. “Well you don’t have to tell him twice” Conor grinned. Conor walked to the door and left the Raikou dorm.

Conor and Poliwag walked the path to ‘Oak Town’, “What a great day” Conor thought. Looking around as he and Poliwag trekked the path which led to the town. There was so many Pokémon playing and running around, some that Conor has never even seen before. “This is great Poli, don’t you think?” Poliwag didn’t respond to the question as if it didn’t even hear it. Poliwag stared onwards at all the Pokémon playing and running around. “Poli you okay buddy?” Conor quizzed. “Poli” the little Pokémon said, as it turned around and jumped up onto Conor’s shoulder. As he and Poliwag continued on the path they passed a few trainers along the way, Conor extended a greeting in passing and they continued onto ‘Oak Town’.
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