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    Just played through the game and wanted to give some feedback...

    Well constructed yellow-update. Congratulations on the visuals which are great. The game feels very fresh. However like someone else (can't remember if there were multiple people) I have had issues with the game turning off due to "scripts taking too long", or crashing outright. As far as I am aware it happens when you encounter a Pokemon for the first time (as happened when I first battled a Voltorb in Mt. Moon and Horsea in the Cerulean Gym). Not sure why that would happen though.

    Furthermore battles are super-slow, could do with a bit of a speed-up?

    Right now though, my biggest complaint is that I am stuck. I battled the first trainer in the water gym, and the Horsea trainer triggered the script problem and then proceeded to save when it turned off. Now I am in an eternal struggle... I turn on the game, and I have to battle the trainer. And the game crashes and saves. Again. I sugget in your next update that you turn off the auto-save feature, and recommend users to simply save often.
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