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*dodges several Mssterballs tossed at her*

Yeah, I know, you all have GOT to find a way to keep me from wondering off for six months at a time. (Last Visit: October 7th, 2012)

Congratulations to all shinys caught! Hello and welcome to all new members!

I come with a Shiny Update: I've gone through Black and White with no luck, and Black 2 also. Then late last night on my White 2, I finally break the... what is it year(s) long dry spell... it feels like years.

Random Shiny Bouffalant appears!
Okay, here's the rundown.

Bouffalant (Male)
Mild Nature
Caught on Route 23
Level caught: 49
Likes to run.

Stats (A little messed up because without thinking I started feeding it stat improvers.)
HP 162
ATK 133
DEF 93
Sp ATK 67
Sp DEF 110
SpD 78

Ability Sap Sipper

I've never raised a Bouffalant, I wonder how he'll turn out.

So, anyone need me to stick around?
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