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Update for Final Ultimate Monotype Challenge - Water!

Update #3 on Black 2.

  • Beat the Grunts that Hugh stopped in Nimbasa City, then headed over to the Driftveil Drawbridge, where I caught Coby the Ducklett.
  • Moved on to Driftviel City, where I beat Rood in a battle. Afterwards we talked and he gave me N's Zorua.
  • Defeated the trainers on Route 6, then took on the Driftviel Gym.
  • Clay was tougher than I thought he would be since I didn't have a whole lot of good Water moves yet, but Torrent finished strong.

  • Won the Driftveil Tournament at the PWT, then helped Hugh and Cheren beat Team Plasma on the Plasma Frigate.
  • Went back to Route 6 and got the Surf HM from Cheren! \o/\o/\o/\o/!
  • Surfed in the water on Route 6 and caught my fourth team member, Piranha the Basculin! He ironically has a Docile nature, hehe.
  • Took my team to the newly ascessible water areas around Aspertia City for items and stuff.
  • Explored the rest of the Castelia Sewers, Mistralton Cave, and Relic Passage, and Coby evolved into Swanna!

  • Went up to Chargestone Cave to make my way through to Mistralton Cave, and Torrent evolved into Samurott!

  • Continued on to Route 7, and after learning Shell Smash at L38, Archelon evolved into Carracosta!

  • Defeated all the trainers on Route 7 and also in Celestial Tower, then took on the gym.
  • Skyla wasn't too difficult, although she required multiple party members to take her down.

  • Got a ride to Lentimas Town on Skyla'a plane and saved the game there.

Team Devin:

Archelon the Careful Carracosta, ♂ - L39 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Solid Rock
Moves: Aqua Jet, Rock Slide, Shell Smash, Strength

Piranha the Docile Red-Striped Basculin, ♂ - L39 @ Mystic Water
Ability: Adaptibility
Moves: Aqua Tail, Crunch, Surf, Double-Edge

Coby the Modest Swanna, ♂ - L39 @ Sharp Beak
Ability: Big Pecks
Moves: Air Slash, Fly, Surf, Rain Dance

Torrent the Hasty Samurott, ♂ - L39 @ Mystic Water
Ability: Torrent
Moves: Razor Shell, Water Pulse, Megahorn, Dig

Aquaman the Bold Vaporeon, ♂ - L40 @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Surf, Quick Attack, Aurora Beam, Acid Armor

HM Slaves:

Lilligant - Cut, Flash [boxed]