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I think it's time I get around to finishing up doing things on Black 2, I really have just let important things slide, at least I'm no longer distracted by other games.
Originally Posted by Cheesecake(GlassTheDragon) View Post
Hello LDD! I don't know you but you seem nice and important around here your welcome to stay if you want I'd like that.

My mareep hunt got to 7100 REs now if I get something other than mareep i won't be mad even if its zubat.
The hunt for mareep will go on though even if i get alot of repeat shinies like bellsprout but I don't have any of the
shinies from this route already except zubat. I actually wouldn't mind getting something else xD but i can't leave without
a pink mareep in my possession.

As for my swinub hunt now on day 6 mostly everything in this cave would be a FoYT but I'm not really excited about
that more to the fact of getting the actual shiny. Delibird and jynx would be awesome but my main target here is
swinub and i won't leave here without that either.
Oh, I'm hardly important. I'm glad to see posts on the same day as me though... last time I wondered into here I think it took a day to see anyone else reply, I hope that means things are looking up in the club? So many of us were distracted from our love of the HUNT.

Oh you're after a cotten-candy-Mareep? Those are adorable, good luck!

Originally Posted by TheShinyEevee View Post
Welcome welcome LDD, nice to see you again, remember me? Haha! Congratulations on the Bouffalant, it's nice to break a drough!

Good luck to everyone going through tough hunts at the moment. I know the feels, just remember, those shinies will turn up!

I'm getting 100 eggs a day done. At 2670 so far...
Of course I remember you! I'm glad for the Bouffalant too, he's my first Shiny of this Generation if I'm remembering... oh my it's bad when I start forgetting my shiny list...
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