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    Brian nodded and followed along next to her, imping slightly on his leg. it... Still had not healed properly. He didn't think it ever would. he would likely be limping for the rest of his life. Oh well. He caught Nova watching Roberto with interest, his gaze never wavering, in inscruitable.

    "Yeah, I-I guess. Um... Where are we supposed to meet him at?" Brian asked after a moment, pulling his jacket closer. He was raised in the tropical Hoenn region, this was too chilly! Nove sighed and picked him up and set him on his back, carrying the boy. Instantly Brian was warmer, and off of his feet. He looked down at Nova, who said nothing as he walked proudly with his trainer.

    Thyme, Duster, and Leena

    "Mwehehehe, I'll stay close~" she said, zooming back into the bag and not exiting this time. And if Mark opened the bag he would not see her at all. Duster shook her head and climbed down him to examine the pokegear closer.

    "Hey how come Bri doesn't have one of these?" she asked Thyme, pointing at it, holding onto the side of the bag with ease.

    "Cause he doesn't!" Thyme said with annoyance. ouldn't that mouse see she was TRYING to spend time with Snype? For the love of Arceus! She shook her head and turned back to the sableye and sighed. "You know they are, but i'm dealing with it. All of us got stuck, lost out in the wild for the past few days. We had to work together more. So it's ALMOST bareable. Sstill, I could do with a little more time to myself. And with you"
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