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    Blaez Lee - Hideout

    So he was right, she apparently seemed to be living almost as bad, if not worse than he was. Blaez. Once the thought about it, he felt as if the question seemed very condescending. Blaez nervously cleared his throat as if signaling he wanted to avoid the subject altogether.

    "D-Don't misunderstand me!" April pouted at him in a way Blaez almost wanted to say was cute. "It's just to make sure that you're not going to bring some group of hunters to this place."

    Laughing at the comment as he went to retrieve his tomahawk from out of his tent along with a wooden bow.

    "Do you really think they would listen to me?" he said rhetorically before answering his question. "Honestly, they are probably on the verge of killing me, it's just a matter of how long it takes."

    As he came out of the tent, he mounted the bow on his back and kept the axe at easy access on his hip.

    "It's also better for me to come along," April looked around cautiously at him. She went on about how she wanted to avoid confrontation with the man if he came back around to snoop. Blaez couldn't help but feel proud of himself but unsure as to whether or not he could help her against a person with such influence. Nevertheless he didn't want to show this and gave her a thumbs up while looking directly at her yellow eyes.

    "Don't worry about it. If anything happens, I'll take the heat for it." he said, not feeling an inch of fear. That old geezer already ticked him off and he wasn't going to let him steal his only chance to save a wolf from humanity.

    "Hey... why do you live on the streets actually?" April suddenly asked him, causing him to stare coldly at the ground for a moment before slowly looking up after thinking of an answer. Blaez's mind still hadn't grown to accept what happened and he just couldn't talk to anyone about it. He sighed and decided to tell her part of it.

    "My mom died a while back ago." he managed to force out with a twisted look of pain on his face. He hadn't thought of what became of his parents in ages and he certainty didn't feel like it now.

    "Forget that for now, let's just go now because time's moving. I hope you like hunting because I'm hoping to get some rabbit for tonight."