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Phoebe Dreyer

“Otter. Let's hurry. I don't like going through this neighbourhood at all,” Phoebe muttered. The two students ploughed forward on their bicycles over the unmaintained roads. This part of the city was dirty and smelly, and so were its people. Phoebe was constantly on the watch in case anyone would try to mug her or any of the familiar faces she tried to avoid would pop up. The drains of the streets were blocked with litter and the water, unable to find a way out, puddled in the declines surrounding the rusty metal grates. No doubt vermin roamed the streets to scavenge on the rubbish. The place was loud, and most of the slum's inhabitants made a habit of roaming haphazardly over the road. Some street vendors tried to earn their dough, but the smell of weeks-old oil being heated and smoking up the street in nasty plumes didn't put anything positive to the place at all. Phoebe remembered she bought some dim sum from a stall here once. They prepared those by putting 3 of the dumplings on a skewer and steaming them. They also had a sauce bowl you could dip it in containing a very pungent kind of brown drab before you stuck the thing in your mouth. The taste was a revolt on her palate, and she told herself never to do that again. Otter pulled up next to Phoebe. He frantically rang the bell to alert the criss-crossing pedestrians to move out of the way. “No worries, Phoebs. Once we're over the railway crossing we're almost out,” he said.

The railway, the one on which Phoebe's father worked, ran through the west of town. Trains coming into Freeze City would make a stop around where they were. Most of the homes near the station were dilapidated working class apartments. Just behind it though, a little ways away from the railway to avoid noise pollution, was one of the better off suburbs of Freeze City: Sunny Dale, famous for its most ironic name ever. A nice big wall was put up not too long ago, probably so the sight of smelly impoverished people on the other side would not offend any of the middle classes living in Sunny Dale. Sure, they weren't the richest neighbourhood in Freeze City – it certainly wasn't lined with mansions – but most of its residents were pretty much self-inflated twits.

The two juniors slammed on their brakes when they reached the crossing and the warning signals flashed. The ground rummaged when a long cargo train trudged along swiftly. The sheaves made deafeningly loud buckling noises, so verbal communication was impossible between the two. Phoebe seemed uneasy to stop right now, and she glanced to spot the end of the train. Goods wagon after goods wagon passed by them, the heavy train receiving extra push from a second locomotive as well. She sighed, as though the train was going to be an infinite series of wagons and some anti-wolf vigilante could have a clean shot at her. She was, after all, under suspicion of sheltering wolves. The family did their best to convince them Maisie wasn't a wolf – and she damn well wasn't – but everyone was too paranoid to believe a thing. They wouldn't kill her, though – not her, nor her family – not until they had proof that she was either a pagan, or was an eco-hippie nutter who just liked all animals. Of course, their investigations were trife. They'd stick her mum and dad in front of a kangaroo court and, don't think of that. It was difficult to get a hold of any authority that wasn't charged with a political agenda. Even the judicial was ballzed up. She couldn't for the life of her imagine what'd happen to them if the accusations were taken to court.

Finally, the last of the wagons passed, and the barrier uplifted. The signals stopped flashing, indicating safe passage. Otter, herself, a few other crossers who had accumulated in front of the passing train, drove or walked over the crossing. A 300 yard wide strip of slum remained sandwiched between the railway and the protective wall of the naïve little Sunny Dale.
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