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    #2 Update for Monoground - Blue

    -got the bycicle
    -done Rock Tunnel
    -taughtIce Beam

    : difficulty 0/5
    *froze everything

    -done Rocket Hideout, Pokemon Tower and Silph Co.
    -done cycling road and routes before Fucshia City
    -got Surf and Strength

    Koga: difficulty 0/5
    *shaked him for good

    -done Fighting Dojo

    : difficulty 0/5
    *Sword Dance+Body Slam

    -done Water Routes near Pallet Town
    -done Pokèmon Mansion

    : difficulty 0/5
    *and the Earthquake

    : difficulty 0/5
    *this timeand Earthquake

    -defeated Gary on route 22
    -done Victory Road

    Elite 4

    *Lorelei: difficulty 1/5 died once but then Sansdslash's Sword Dance+Earthquake made it
    *Bruno: difficulty 0/5 he is weak as always Nidoking destroyed him
    *Agatha: difficulty 0/5 weak to Earthquake=victory
    *: difficulty 0/5
    Thunderbolt onand
    Ice Beam onx2 and

    : difficulty 1/5
    vsdouble Ice Beam 3-5
    vsdouble Earthquake 3-4(he set up Reflect)
    vsIce Beam OHKO 3-3
    vsEarthquake 3-2
    vsIce Beam 3-1
    vsSword Dance-Withdraw Earthquake Withdraw-Earthquake 3-0

    Final Team:
    MVP LV57
    Ice Beam
    Rock Throw
    Body Slam
    Swords Dance
    Rock Slide

    On going Challenges:
    RBY Solos with all 151 pokemons