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Austin Tseng - En Route to the Atlantian Royal Mansion
November 1st, 2012

The flight from JFK airport went by quickly for Austin. Still a bit beaten up and weary from his earlier fight, he dozed off to sleep about half an hour into the flight, the last he remembered was hearing Marilyn try to calm Antonia, who apparently had a phobia of flight, by saying that she would suspend the plane from here to England. Austin didn't know if she could do that, as the idea seemed a bit ludicrous, but didn't have time to reflect upon it much as he was soon asleep. When he woke, he found himself in an unfamiliar English airport.

Heathrow, the name reminded him of Wuthering Heights' Heathcliff. From that airport, the party boarded another plane to somewhere called Birmingham. Austin wasn't exactly familiar with cities in the UK, so his initial reaction was a flight to Alabama, but he realized his mistake before he was foolish enough to comment on it. From Birmingham, a smaller plane to Boston, which again fooled Austin. Apparently many cities in America are named after English ones, which makes sense given the circumstances of the country's beginnings.

Outside of the Boston airport sat a '95 Mazda Astina, deep blue. It was alike many of the different colored rides decked out with 400 watt subs and neon green rims the bros at Austin's school drove. Austin and Antonia sat in the backseat with Nix driving and Marilyn riding shotgun. As soon as they got moving, Marilyn had Daft Punk cranking through the speakers. Austin didn't mind, daft punk was cool any day.

As they road, a huge mansion came into view over the rolling hills. It wasn't exactly Austin's first massive building, but it still took his breath away. This place was sweet.

“Well Austin, welcome to the Atlantean Royal Mansion,” Marilyn tossed over her shoulder to Austin. Speechless, Austin just continued to stare at the building. Kids, teens, and some young adults walked and mingled about in front of the giant. A few lucky flying students raced in and out between the tall spirals of the mansion. It looked like some sort of movie seen, everyone going about their day with crazy superpowers. The three recruiters waved to their friends and acquaintances as the car rolled slowly over the gravel pathway.

Nix took them down into the garage, a huge underground parking lot full of cars of various colors, makes and models. Turning the Astina off and checking his phone, Nix said, "Guys, Marilyn and I will check in with River upstairs, Antonia, you need to take Austin to the Dining Room.”

“But we had McDonalds back in town, though.”

"Everyone else is there. Justin wants you there too.” Nix reassured.

“C’mon Austin,” Antonia said as she took Austin's hand again. She led him inside, up a flight of stairs and past a conservatory, into the dining room.

“Antonia, Austin, how nice of you two to join us,” a man said as they entered. He seemed extremely weary, a little from recent struggles as well as a long term effect of being very important, very responsible and very busy.

He must be that Justin guy.

“Please take a seat,” said the Justin guy. Austin and Antonia obliged, sitting next to each other. There were many others in the room, most looked like new recruits like Austin, and it became apparent that they were so when Justin spoke again, “Welcome, for you all, we are all happy you have chosen to join us here at the mansion. The Atlantean Royal Family has been around since the Atlantean Golden Era many thousands of years ago, as the longest surviving lineage, we have always been around to help those who have come into possession of their Atlantean Heritage to gain control over their abilities. Currently, we have little under a hundred students here at the mansion, all of varying ages and backgrounds and all here studying to become Atlantean. I’ll take you through a quick tour of the mansion before convening back here for questions. Now, if you would all follow me.”

Everyone stood up to follow Justin through the building. He led them to the various classrooms, which he explained to be used for teaching standard things like mathematics and history. He then took the group to the recreational room and basketball court. Austin was pleased to see a ball court, maybe he could impress Antonia with his moves later on. The tour took them upstairs again, to the dorm rooms that each student would be staying in. Austin saw his own room, with his name engraved on a hanging plaque type material. They then went downstairs and outside, where an Olympic sized pool was located, surrounded by greenery and lush fields. Maybe they could get a pick up game of soccer (or football as Austin would probably have to get used to saying) going. After that, Justin took the band back to the dining room.

“So, any questions about anything? I bet you are all dying to relax from your trips and meet some new people,”  said the party's guide once they were all settled back in the dining room. Austin himself didn't have any questions really, he was too excited to think about what was happening next. Although...

"I only have question," he said loud enough for only Antonia to hear, "When are you going to give me that kiss?" He smiled devilishly and returned the wink from yesterday.

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