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Originally Posted by Fenneking View Post
I regret that I don't have the time to make an adequate response to this, as it is very well thought-out. I concede to your criticism, it is entirely correct. I do think the topic warrants more discussion.

I like your proposed solution.

Originally Posted by Shiny Celebi View Post
Sorry but I do not agree with this. I do not view animals as "property" or "resources". They are not just bags of bones, they are living things like we are. I dont agree with them being cast aside as things people own or tools to use. I dont really believe I own my cat. I prefer to think of myself more as a guardian to her, a caretaker and companion. She is not just another thing I own. She's a living creature with a personality, maybe not like a person's but she has one and is unique. I also dont agree with harming them senselessly. Viewing them as property encourages this treatment of them in my opinion. I think that' wrong.
Why? Why should an animal be treated as anything more than mere property?

Being a "living thing" does not place something on the same pedestal as we are on. Uniqueness, predisposition to act in a certain way, none of these things place it on a higher pedestal than an object, except for the fact that you are attached to it. And people are attached to certain types of property in a similar way. It's the definition that fits best, plus it still affords them an adequate level of protection under the law.
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