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Let's see...

- No used games without paying an additional fee.
- No backwards compatibility with 360 games
- Spies on you for the movie industry:

Pardon my Swahili, but Microsoft can go f*** itself on this one. Want to play used games? Oh, sorry, used games "hurt" the industry, so we'll have to charge you for it, because surely Call of Duty 1200 isn't killing the industry with this latest entry's "innovation." Want to sell your 360 to get money for this new console, but still want to play your old 360 games? Sorry, our new console can't do that. Oh, and because several sects of the human population are "stealing" movies online, we're going to punish all of you - even if you've never done anything wrong - by using the Kinect system to spy on you, because A SOCIETY WITHOUT PRIVACY IS A SAFE SOCIETY, RITE??

If you want to kill your console department that badly and lose more than half your fan-base, this is the perfect way to go about it. I can't help but admire the genius of it. No, really.

So disappointing, the Xbox 360 was my favorite thing to play on last gen before every company and their grandmother decided to make Halo clone after Call of Duty clone after generic FPS that makes you do stupid crap like follow mission objectives or basically do anything other than mindlessly killing everything in sight like the great FPSs of old used to do.

Sadly, nothing on the Wii U or PS4 has yet to catch my attention either. Unless things change, with the exception of my Nintendo 3DS, I'll stick to PC for this generation. So bummed right now.
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