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Dexter Patrick Prince || Dead Forest

The Gastly and Haunter were momentarily distracted by Pan's leaping into action, though they did not leave the yellow Pokemon's sides. Pan spit a Seed Bomb towards them, but it merely passed through their gassy bodies. Another weak electric attack emitted from the... uhmmm... reptile? The two ghost Pokemon immediately resumed their tormenting of the Pokemon. "Pan! Leech Seed!" Pansage spit another seed, but without any effect. It simply passed through them. Dex decided to take the matters in his own hands. Telling Pan to keep using Seed Bomb and distract the Pokemon, he rushed into the scene, the gassy bodies of the Pokemon dispersing as he passed through. It felt like cool steam. Pan was spitting Seed Bomb after Seed Bomb, trying to distract the Pokemons. Dex picked up the Pokemon, but he was hit by a Shadow Punch. He was thrown back, surprised by the intensity of the attack on him.

"Haun! Haun!" Haunter cried. Suddenly, both of their eyes glowed yellow. "It's Hypnosis! Pan! Close your eyes!" Dex covered the yellow Pokemon's eyes, and closed his. He felt a starnge warmth hit his skin, comforting and soothing. When the feeling subsided, Dex risked to look around. The Gastly and Haunter were approaching him, preparing another Shadow Punch. "Pan! See-!" A flash of red light appeared, and Camo popped out his ball. Imeddiately, Camo used Shadow Sneak, scaring the two Pokemon away.

"We need to get this Pokemon to a hospital," Dex told himself. He tried to stand up, but he wobbled. He thought he sprained his ankle, but he is not sure. "Let's go back to Rosie," he led his two Pokemon to the general direction from where they left Rosie. The Goletts were nowhere to be seen. "Pid! Rosie! Where are you?!"

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