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    Originally Posted by Iceman3317 View Post
    Yeah, I would love to see Butterfree again. It be nice for him to use Butterfree in a battle or something though. They still haven't said much about the storyline for the Decolora Islands yet. There has to be some sort of reasoning other than a filler arc to hold us off till October or so.

    Sorry for the other thread, didn't even think of putting it here.
    I still think it's mainly filler. We haven't gotten any hints to an extended arc yet and you'd think by now if there was going to be one then... yeah.

    and don't worry about it, cupcake~

    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    Many fans thought Ash's Butterfree was dead because it had babies, and butterflies irl die after having babies. But now that Butterfree is coming back, does that mess with the continuity, or has the death thing become non-canon like Ash spending his Kanto journey for a year.
    Welp. Um. For one, Butterfree biology may or may not be anywhere near similar to real-world butterflies. It's a Pokémon, man, it might be able to fertilize without dying. Not that Pokémon would ever bring that up. So Butterfree's death has never been canon.

    And it's already been set in stone that Ash was 10 at the beginning of Unova. That's pretty much murdered all sense of time. Continuity seems to be intact except for certain movies. So no, it messes with nothing that hasn't already been royally screwed with.

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