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Conor || Oak Town

After walking for a good half an hour Conor and Poliwag stood smiling at the entrance to ‘Oak Town’. “Wow” Conor thought, as he looked onwards to the streets that were buzzing with people and Pokémon alike. As he and Poliwag entered the town, Conor’s stomach started to growl. As Conor and Poliwag looked around, they spotted a restaurant. “Perfect, let’s eat Poli. I’m starving and I’m pretty sure you're hungry too”.

Upon entering the small restaurant, Conor and Poliwag looked around and found a table near a window and sat down. Conor was studying the menu when a man arrived at the table with a notepad and pencil in hand ready to take their order.
May I take your order?” asked the waiter as he peered from behind his glasses.

Uhh could I have a toasted sandwich please?” Conor asked the waiter peering down into the menu.

Certainly and for your Pokémon friend here?” responded the waiter looking at Poliwag.

Conor looked at Poliwag and smiled “A bowl of Pokémon food would be great thanks”.

Not a problem my friend” the waiter insisted as he finished writing down the order.

The waiter turned and headed towards the kitchen. “Such a polite young man” he thought.
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