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Group: ".........." Region Military Forces.

Goal: Maintain complete authoritarian rule of the Region in which the game is set, crush any resistance.

Backstory: In whatever region the game is set in there was in the recent past a catastrophic natural disaster that wreaked havoc on people and pokemon alike. Society broke down completely, and bandits/criminals became widespread, looting, attacking Trainers and civilians etc. To re-establish the peace, the Pokemon League deployed the regions military force into a state of martial law. They were supposed to stop the violence and keep people safe. Instead, the commander in chief, General "......" lead a coup, overthrowing the league with military might to rule himself. To cement his absolute rule forever, the General seeks to capture a fabled Legendary Pokemon with powers far beyond the realm of human understanding...

His soldiers run the country with brute force and great injustice, caring little for the people. Gym leaders or other brave Trainers who try to stand up to them are captured or mysteriously. The protagonist is a teenager, who lives in a tiny town, far isolated from the events that are going down. He/she and the rival are to be drafted into the military for service. Their uncle, the regions professor, leaves the pair with pokedexes and starters shortly before being arrested, to use his knowledge to hunt down the Legendary that General "....." desires. The player and rival decide to fight back against those sent to conscript them, and become wanted fugitives. They journey takes them all across "......" region, fighting the Military patrols, freeing gym leaders and trying to stop the Generals evil plans and rescue their Uncle before it is too late...

Soldiers-main enemies, travel in patrols and keep a tight watch over towns. Abusive and derisive towards civilians. Wear green camo, carry intimidating looking pokemon.
Sailors- Mostly found in port cities or military ships. Wear sailors uniforms and use water pokemon.
Airmen- Found in a major military airbase. Decked out in flight suits. Use Flying pokemon.
Officers- Whenever there is a group of military personnel, an officer is usually in charge. Wears a special uniform of any service, and carries tougher pokemon.
Commanders- Essentially underbosses, lieutenants to the General. They have taken over the regions Gyms and are in charge over the local area. Defeating them will remove the Military prescence in a zone and free the Gym leader to join the resistance (they give you a badge and HM as a reward)

Inspiration: Real world militaries and when they overthrow civilians and have a dictatorship, like in certain unstable countries.

Oh my god; why did I use my phone to write this, it took over an hour :'( I will come back and edit this tommorow, I hope you can understand the gist of my idea.