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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    ...thing is, since Volbeat can breed to get Illumise and Illumise can breed to get Volbeat, they will have to be the same general type. I can't see them getting two different typings.

    That makes it better... If it was just a gender different between them they could have just made it Volmise Male and Volmise Female... Then the version exclusive isn't too bad as you can breed with a ditto to get the other game's exclusive...

    The credibility for Sound and Light type makes sense... We will have to wait and see... That's why we are in a speculation thread...

    I didn't know where to post this so I'm posting it everywhere...

    "Someone on /vp/ pointed this out. Kalos may be directly north of Unova in the Pokemon world. This could all be a coincidence, but note how the rivers in north Unova and south Kalos more or less match up. And the mountainous area near the Pokemon League in Unova matches up to the mountainous southern Kalos. Since Gen 5 was a reboot, could Gen 6 allow us to visit Unova? Again this could all be a coincidence, especially due to route numbers having been reset, but it's at the very least interesting speculation."