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Pokemon Red

Day 1:

I just heard I have to take part in the Hunger Games, together with my Cousin 'Gary', great.
I had to choose a temporary friend, to help me survive, and so I chose 'Squirtle', as I knew the first
tribute Leader I had to challenge was focusing on stone, and I could easialy beat him easialy.

I started off, killed my Cousin, and then went to 'Viridian City', I returned the Parcel, and trained my Squirtle to level 10.

I then went into the forest, often returning to the poke-center, and eventually I got to Pewter City.
I instantly challenged 'Brock' the tribute Leader, dominating him with some bubbles :D

After that, I spend ~20 minutes, searching for a Pickachu, cought it, and named her Voltz.

Team so far:

-Voltz [Pickachu] Lvl 3.