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    First of all major congratulations to:
    GlasstheDragon on your Rattata, even if it wasn't what you wanted,
    Fishyfins on the Totodile,
    and Iceman and on the Torchic!
    (Anyone mind me borrowing your luck?? )

    Originally Posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗ View Post
    I hadn't even realized that turning your game off changes anything. I don't know if I'm completely understanding your post, though- does that mean it would be more effective to hatch eggs (without turning the power off) than to SR for a Pokemon? (Not using MM, I mean)

    I'm still searching for a shiny Eevee, and have been SRing in Goldenrod, but now I might have to try MM'ing for one, instead. I actually always keep a Japanese Ditto in the daycare center, so when I breed my Pokemon, there's a tiny chance it will be shiny. {:
    Again, turning it off only effects hatching. It isn't crucial, don't worry. No, it wouldn't be more effective at all, because you'd still need to know your frame, which you can't, and if you did that is no longer shiny hunting but RNGing really. Any method to hatching is equally useful, but if you are hatching I do recommend MMing, as the lower odds balance out the time immensely. Hatching without MM is like trying for a roamer! XD I was just interested in the mechanics.

    EDIT: (Just wanted to add as I read your post and realised what you may be thinking - I believe the 1/8192 odds of finding a shiny are all to do with the frames anyway. IRNG and RNG work differently, so no, hatching would be no more effective than SRing as the shiny frame reset stuff only applies to hatching. It is obviously involved in SRing but not in the same way.... *hopeless explainer*)
    Hope that clarified it a bit for you anyway!

    Originally Posted by Lady Demoonica Darkmoon View Post
    Ah, well, okay maybe I'm a little important. *heh* But I rather enjoy being back to a normal member, or at least being a retired co-owner, letting more active members run the day-to-day things for the club.

    I will, however, never be a retired Shiny hunter! I've already set my sights on Fennekin (the first starter after Cyndaquil that I've wanted Shiny) once X & Y are out. MM hatching, I never did have the personality type to sit and do soft-resets.

    Now, should I finish Black Tower and pick up my Shiny... or finish the Dex and go get the shiny on Island? Dex would actually be easier, and moving over a few of my big EV'd pokes would go far on finishing the Tower.
    Lol! Yeah, I don't know if I could ever be an owner!
    I too have almost decided to Soft Reset for Chespin - rather interestingly the recent scan revealed this to be the starter selection screen:

    It looks a bit like the Heartgold and Soulsilver one, doesn't it? Perhaps this means we will be able to see if they're shiny before we pick them too...? Wouldn't that be awesome. It definitely will mean I won't need to get another 3ds to dual soft reset or anything!
    As for the dex or tower, I have no clue as I haven't got that far xD

    EDIT: I keep forgetting to update my hunts recently. Eevee MMing is at 2765 right now haha. I fell asleep yesterday so I only did 30 or so instead of 100 Also, I accidentally turned my DS off, so I'm scratching the keeping it on thing. It will use less energy lol!

    i spent too many late nights
    just thinking a hole in the earth

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