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Vaporeon - Blue, resembles a fish
Flareon - Orange, has a firey mane
Jolteon - Yellow, has a lighting mane
Espeon - Purple, has a psychic gem on its head
Umbreon - Black, has dark rings on its body
Glaceon - Light Blue, has icy ears
Leafeon - Green, has leaves on its body
Sylveon - Pink, has ribbons

Rock or Fighting type? If you thought that for one second you need help XD
Flying isn't weak to Poison or strong against Ice, you lot appear to be forgetting this. It's a new type, no debate to it.
Watch this wicked Pokémon Battle, and PM me if you want a battle. Also watch me talking about how I flirted with famous people.
"A good trainer wins despite hinderances" - Serebii
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