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I lost my virginity at the age of nineteen literally a week after getting out of an emotionally abusive six month long relationship. It was a terribly traumatic experience in itself. I was rendered unable to even see the guy's name on facebook/text without inducing a panic attack. I felt empty inside, so I started on a spiral of hooking up with a few guys. I then started dating this guy on and off for about a year. We dated, broke up, hooked up, and yeah. I was depressed, okay? :P

As for how many times I've had sex...I couldn't say. Haha. I went through my hookup phase. ^_^;

I did, however, give up sex for Lent in 2012, hooked up once after that, and then met my current boyfriend who I've been dating for about eleven months. Despite being about two hours apart, we have a pretty healthy sex life.

I've never actually been with a woman beyond making out with this one girl when I was like in 6th grade. (mad game, bro)

As someone who has been that person who had sex often with different people, I'd say the most important thing to do is get tested. It's just for peace of mind. People can say, "oh, I'm clean", but.. people will do anything to get some sometimes. I have a friend who actually contracted HIV from the lifestyle due to not being cautious. So, yeah. It's a bit terrifying. Sex is an adult decision you have to make and the consequences can be pretty intense. I'm just glad that I was lucky enough not to get anything/wise enough to be safe.

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