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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
They're anon to everyone except higher staff, actually. :3
I know, I just thought I saw someone mentioning above here somewhere that they would like the anonymousity of them removed so I just wanted to object ^^

Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Duskull is adorable get out omg. I do agree though that it's odd the Duskull is animted while the others aren't. I'd be more in favor of removing the thread icons really cause they don't have too much purpose, but it's not a big deal if it stays. Maybe we should change Duskull to Dusknoir. lol
Haha yeah ok. I feel like there's been a discussion about redundant stuff in this forum at some point recently, where icons and those other redundant images appearing next to the icons in the index were mentioned? I wonder what happened with that.

I like thread icons just because they can make threads stand out a little ^^ But we have rather dull ones, like smiley faces, so a Dusknoir or other pokémon would be a vast improvement - especially considering we are a pokémon forum. Preferably not animated though, but that's just my own preference of course.

Those other icon thingys (to the left of the "post icons") that show if a thread is locked or not and if you have posted or not - I would like those removed. Or rather, merged with the post icons. If it's possible! One kind of icon next to a thread is enough, but I still think it's definitely useful to see a little dot if you are subscribed to a thread perhaps, an arrow if you have posts in it and a lock if the thread is locked. Or something.

@ Gavin, you can't? Maybe you are human after all 8D

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