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    Manga 631 leaks
    I loved this chapter!

    Minato with the save!
    And here come the other Hokage to help take down Madara!

    Plenty of humor in this chapter that I'd expect from Kishimoto.
    Even Sasuke's line about becoming Hokage.
    Madara's face when Hashirama blew him off was hilarious!

    I wasn't expecting Minato to don a Nine-tails chakra cloak.
    I was wondering what was going to happen to the half of Kurama's chakra that Minato sealed away.
    I thought he had sealed it in the Dead Demon Comsuming Seal, but I guess he actually did seal it inside himself.
    I was hoping it would return to Kurama and allow him to power up Naruto more.
    Maybe Kurama'll get it back after this war is over with.

    And the original Team 7 reunion at the end was neat.
    I can't wait to see what kind of collaborative attack they are going to do.