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    Chapter 1. Goodbye Sun.

    The battle with the King Behemoth over, the beast lead away. Now is when if you have not already discovered you are a l'Cie that you are one. Suddenly though the ground shakes again and the sun goes out. Everyone had the same series of images in their vision of their focus. The sun going out, the insignia of The Shadow, a battle in a burning city, and then the light coming back. It is up to you if your character will fully grasp what their focus is, though depending on personality it could be hard to tell. From there travel to the small village of Taejin. Halfway between Oerba and the Taejin's Tower. On the way there will be several small battles that will be announced before they happen, follwed by a final boss battle right before we reach Taejin.

    What you can do.
    1. Notice you l'Cie Brand
    2. Remember parts of the focus vision.
    3. Witness the sun go out.
    4. Interact with other characters.
    5. Travel as a group to Taejin.
    6. Participate in the battles that happen.
    7. Fight in the boss battle.

    What you can not do.
    1. bring the king Behemoth back.
    2. Leave the group.

    Chapter 1 will take hopefully about a Month. Starting today on May 21st and ending on June 21st.


    Aurora shook her head, first at both men's ability to not notice the l'Cie brand. Though to give them a little credit they were fighting a King Behemoth. Secondly at the fact that one of the men was flirting with her in the middle of a battle. The one guys right. People do get killed that way. She noticed the shorter man lead the Behemoth away before coming back to them. When she saw his injuries Aurora sighed. "It will be sure to come back, if we can get far enough away quickly it will lose out scent" she looked up at the sky noticing the sun was shining. In my vision. The sun was out she thought looking at the two men in front of her. "I'm Aurora, member of the Guardian Corps. What are you civilian's doing out here" she put her weapons away crossing her arms before she looked at her right side again. "Do you guys have marks like this now?"

    Suddenly though ground started to shake again and Aurora almost lost her balance though luckily she managed to keep it. She saw something rise up into the air towards the sun, before suddenly the sunlight was blocked leaving them in darkness. "what the hell"

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