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    Blaez Lee - Hideout

    "What...? Of course I like hunting! I mean... those are my wolf instincts." April commented in return to Blaez's statement. Well at least he knew she had one skill and if anyone came to attack them she would be able to defend herself to an extent. Blaez had to keep this in mind just in case they were in danger but he still had to find a time to assess her ability to fight.

    Blaez listened carefully to April's idea while stroking his chin. Well April was definitely going to be a nice companion to have if anything. At first, it seemed like she would be just trouble but she was definitely more than that. This idea didn't sound bad at all and she was definitely proving her resourcefulness. A hot meal appealed to Blaez's imagination as he could picture it where he stood as he closed his eyes momentarily. It sounded better than anything else that could come to his mind and he definitely would prefer to eat inside a restaurant instead of stealing from the leftovers of one. Since she was a wolf, her fine-tuned senses would be able to pinpoint a missing person with ease. He tossed his bow off into his tent and got closer to April playfully placing his hand on her head.

    "That idea doesn't seem half-bad." he said with an impressed tone. "But who do you have in mind? I never hear much about this sort of thing because people are afraid to speak to a bum like me. It might not be hard for..." Blaez caught himself before he could continue to say 'someone cute like you' and blushed.

    "Regardless, let's head out." he said in an embarrassed tone, walking out slowly as he had no clue where to go.