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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
You can rebattle the trainers in Pyrite Town. There's also the Pre-Gym if you haven't done that, in Phenac City. Also, merging this with the Q&A thread since it's question-y. Then we also won't have to deal with the inaccurate title, lol.

Edit: btw, Altaria ia an amazing Pokemon that you should keep on your permanent team! I'm really biased though lol
Altaria is definitely amazing, no bias required I swapped one from a GBA Game and had two or maybe even 3 high levelled ones in total... But uh, you could also vs the Pyrite Colosseum a few times, get yourself some nice money and TM's in addition to experience! Don't forget those annoying trainers in the dilapidated building with the "Off Limits" elevator