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    Prim's Home

    Chapter One: Part Eight
    Living in Paradise

    "Teashi, I've got to go 'find' some stuff. You're welcome to follow me... As long as you don't get in my way. Or you could stay here, or even explore Freeze City on your own. I'm getting more food and a few other things. Just letting you know also, it's going to get cold tonight. It always does."

    "U-uh--... Prim, wait...!" He raised his hand and paused, lowering it when he had (hopefully) caught her attention. "I... Look, I'd like to know if you'll be following me on the path to Paradise... If you are, you might want to 'find' some essentials... Long-lasting food, bedding, and anything else you might require. But nothing for me... I'll explain that some other time, if you do choose to go... But it's really important. It could be months in between towns, at worst."