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"I'm not a civilian! I haven't lived in any of the towns for years." I retorted, looking up at the sky while laying down. I looked at my arms and then at my chest, not bothering to look at any other part of my body, "Doesn't look like I got any kind of symbol." She pretty much confirmed my thoughts about her occupation, and being called a civilian annoyed me. The ground shook again and I prepared for the pain, though it did not come. Instead I watched as the sky darkened, and even the guardian was visibly surprised.

I stood up, rather annoyed. At first I thought this was some kind of joke, but I began to piece together something else was going on. "Hang on a sec Auroura now why is a guardian corp member all the way out here?" I said walking toward her, "Last time I checked your job was to protect civilians, and it doesn't look like there are any out here. Well except for those two guys, and I doubt the big one needs much help." I looked at the sky again, certainly an unnatural occurrence. "Unless there is something out here that is dangerous to the public. Is it a military weapon? Does it have something to do with those marks, or why I could take damage that easily? I think us civilians deserve at least a few answers." I came off as hostile, and regretted it in my head, though I doubted playing soft bear would give any good answers, and as big and intimidating as Jericho was, he didn't come across as too much of a tough interrogator.

"All I am asking is for answers." I said in a less agressive voice, "I think you might owe to me-- to all of us." I thought about it and added, "I'm not a civilian, I'm a hunter, though I'd be glad to help if you are on the humane side, but I don't want to go into this blindly." I was now much calmer and held out my hand, "I'm Daniel, I met the big one, and that kid with the gun I've never seen in my life." I may have been speaking calmer, but I was looking her directly in the eyes, searching for answers and attempting to verify if she was at all telling the truth.
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